2011年2月 4日 (金)

Haven't renewed my English page for years.

Dear foreign visitors - welcome to "Keri's Racing Garage".

I checked my log and found some foreign people are continuously visiting my site. however I haven't renewed my English page for years! I apologize!

I will try to have more English contents--- Please do not hesitate to leave comments in English if youhave any questions about not only English contents but also Japanese contents. I will definitely respond.

Thank you!

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2007年7月16日 (月)

Good News!

またまた1ヶ月ぶりの更新となってしまいました~m(_ _)m

さて、毎年筑波サーキットで行なわれていたT.O.F、今年は残念ながら開催されていないのですが、又復活するかもしれないという話しを耳にしました。昨年のT.O.FではTatsuya氏のライディングで過去最高の5位入賞を果たしましたが、まだTatsuya氏の乗り方に合わせた点火時期、トレール長の最適化、タイヤのベルト方向の見直しなどやってみたい事はいろいろ。今年一年RDのレースは休止している事から復活させるにはシャーシ、エンジン共にOHが必用となり649e658f_1 再開即参戦、とは行かないとは思いますが、来年に入ったらまた新しい工夫を凝らしながら参戦再開の準備を進めたいものです。

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2006年8月22日 (火)

Words that I like

I sometimes say words that I like.

"Making impossible a possible is my job,"

Today I got major problem at my weekday job. It first seemed that tere is no way we can get throught this issue, but finally, My coreagues in Spain, Germany, Korea all woked togrther and it seems now we have a way.

When our project leader called me from Germany concerning current status about this issue, I told him we have a hope nad said, "Hay! you know, making impossible a possible is my job!" and he said "Yo!! Thank You!!"

Today was a hard day but I difenitely had some fun of problem solving.................

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2006年8月 9日 (水)

My Important Friend in US,

As you may recognize when you see my RD400 and my team shirts, there is a logo "Pro-Flo".

My former crew chief Mr. Mike Valaso is the one who taught me a basic thinking of mechanic, and a former president of "Pro-Flo", Mr. John Ritter is the one who taught me all the detailed technology for RD400 that he found out of his over 30years experience racing with RD400. I can say that I would not be at current position without all the kind support of Mr. Ritter.

A few days ago I received an e-mail that he is suffering arthritis all over his body.

I really wish that he will be well soon. I assume many US two stroke rides know the name of Pro-Flo. I would be glad if all the Pro-Flo fans would pray for Mr. Ritter's health!

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2006年7月26日 (水)

Kei's History




I think I have not introduced my racing histry before.....so... Here you go!!

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2006年6月 9日 (金)



前田 淳 選手。享年38歳。


1992年。当時勤めていたTwo Brothers Racingに日本のチームから「AMAのSS600に出たいのでマシンを作って欲しい」という依頼があった。

大島 正選手の時もそうだったが、ほんのわずかでも自分と接点の有ったライダーが逝ってしまうのはとても悲しい...


I sudeenly received an e-mail from my wife that says "A Japanese rider has lost his life in Manx TT race"
"Jun Maeda?!" I hoped it would not be him, and opend a link that she sent me.
Unfortunetely, he was the one.

Jun Maeda - Japanese Manx TT Hero, 38 years old.

He crashed with another rider during 29-May practice sesion at Manx TT, passed away on 6-June.

In 1992, Two Brothers Racing, where I was working for at that moment, received one phonecall from Japanese racing team requesting building one CBR600F race bike for AMA SS600.
That was the first time ever my crew chief Mike Velasco let me build CBR600 race engine.
I discussed with Mike about writing Cheering message in Japanese somewhere that people won't find out, and wrote "Hissyo! (Must Win!)"in its crankcase.
After we arrived Daytona, a team manager and a rider showed up to pick up the bike. That rider was Jun Maeda. My first impression was "rather skinny kid and does not look strong" If I remember correctly he unfortunately crashed in qualify session and ran our T-car for main event.

After years, I read Mr. Maeda's effort for Manx TT racing on one motorcycle magazine. He already looked strong and had a face of  profesional.
I had been hoping he gets  good result since then.
I was just one of trainees when I met him, thus I assume he did not remember me, but I never forgot him and will never forget him. He is the one who rode the CBR600 with the engine I first ever built.

I woiuld like to express my deepest sympathies with Jun Maeda’s family and friends at this sad time, and also would like to pray for the repose of his soul.

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2006年5月17日 (水)

I have made "English" category

Rd_photo Dear Readers,
I was watching "Access analysis" of this b-log yesterday and found out there were some RD owners visited my b-log from RD forum in UK. Therefore I decided to add "English Page" in my Category so that people from foreign country can 649e658f enjoy my site. It is well known to RD users that RD400 has been exported to all over the world, thus there are so many RD lovers worldwide. I would be glad if RD lovers from all over the world Img_4823_1 could enjoy my site.
Thank You!

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2006年2月12日 (日)


やっとRD用エキゾーストが完成、RD仲間のしんいちさんのRD400に取りつけ試して頂く事になりました。 (自分の400は今不動で...(;ω;)) http://blog.goo.ne.jp/igashin77 見た目は結構イイ感じ(自画自賛)。しんいちさんによるとチャンバー独特の音質ながらも音量は上手く抑えられているようです。Rd400_keis_ex


My prototype pipe for RD400 has been completed finally. The concept of this pipe is "Stret legal sound level, nice stock-looking and create some horsepower for those who loves stock looking but cannot find any good condition stock pipe" It is now been tested on my RD-friend Shinichi's RD400. It looks good! According to Shinichi, It sounds like a "Chamber pipe" but not any louder than stock pipe.

He will continuously test this pipe and will give me a feedback. I will keep you updated!   

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